I was born and raised in Texas with my sister by my mother, father, uncle and grandparents. My family consists of an array of interesting characters who helped cultivate my empathy for others, critical nature, and understanding of the world. In my work I focus on long form storytelling and documentation. My works often take the form of photography, video, sound, and installation. I document the highly personal in an attempt to create individual catharsis for my subjects and viewers. The works do not tend to have a definitive answer and abstain from a resolution. Instead the works aim to create a complex and multi-layer portrait of people and places; Like characters we care about in movies or stories I want to make portraits of people and places that are multifaceted and relatable. I use symbols and tropes of the West to expand and critique their definitions through my work. I am inspired by questions of social constructs, tradition, folklore, critical theory, contemplation, documentation, individual stories, and family.